Essential Precautionary Tips For Monsoon

Everyone of us eagerly wait for monsoon after a scorching summer. Rainy season is the most favorite season of almost everyone as it brings cheer and refreshes the environment. What a great feeling going outside to enjoy monsoon with friends!! We love the rains, cool breeze and the cloudy sky during monsoon but along with happiness, monsoon also brings various infections as well as diseases.

In rainy season, humidity increases considerably. The increase in the humidity can increase the chances of infections. There is a need to protect against water-borne diseases like fever, stomach infection and other conditions. To stay healthy and happy in the monsoon, everyone should take necessary precautions during the rainy season. We can prevent many infections and diseases by following simple steps because prevention is always better than cure.

Essential Precautionary Tips For Monsoon 

  • Eat Healthy Food
  • In rainy season, digestive system is more prone to infections due to water borne diseases.
  • Avoid eating street food and raw vegetable unless clean with pure water at home to avoid infections. Drink boiled water and follow a healthy diet to stay healthy during monsoon.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C or take vitamin C supplements to improve immunity.


  • Drink Enough Boiled Water
  • Many people do not feel thirsty hence drink less water in monsoon but our body needs water for proper functioning.
  • Always drink boiled and purified water to avoid water contaminated diseases.
  • Herbal tea with antibacterial property is an energetic beverage especially in monsoon season.
  • In rainy season, there are always higher chances of water contamination. Drinking enough boiled water helps to lower the risk of waterborne diseases like stomach infection and diarrhea.


  • Use Mosquito Nets and Repellents
  • Malaria is the most common disease during monsoon. Accumulated water is a breeding ground for many insects. Hence it is advisable to use mosquito net or repellent.
  • Keep garden pots, old containers and other items empty to avoid accumulation of water.


  • Avoid Uncooked and Street Foods
  • It is advisable to avoid uncooked or street food because they can have more germs and the chances of infection are higher during monsoon.
  • Use clean water for cooking vegetables properly to kill the disease causing bacteria and always try to eat home-cooked food.


  • Avoid Walking in the Rain
  • It is very tempting to walk in the rain but it increases the risk of viral diseases such as leptospirosis and can also cause numerous fungal infections at the feet and nails.
  • Diabetic people should take extra care and avoid walking barefoot in the dirty puddle as it contains infection causing virus, germs and bacteria.
  • If your feet get wet, change your socks and make feet dry immediately. Keep an extra pair of shoes and clothes in the office.


  • Take Bath As Soon As Reach Home 
  • People should take bath as soon as reach home to protect against the infections caused due to the sweat and dirt.
  • Use disinfectant during bath. Also wash hands and feet properly as soon as reach home from office to kill germs. 


  • Avoid Touching Eyes
  • Eye infections like conjunctivitis, stye, dry eyes, irritation of eyes and corneal ulcers are common during the monsoons. This can cause severe problems if not treated timely.
  • Avoid strictly touching eyes to avoid eyes infections. Wash eyes with warm water regularly.


  • Avoid Wet Walls
  • Wet walls are the breeding places for fungus. It can cause allergies and trigger asthma especially in asthmatic people.
  • Hence it is advisable to avoid sitting near a wet wall.

Above precautionary tips are very easy to follow. So, take necessary safety measures and enjoy this monsoon…!!